The work I do falls into three main areas, and most projects span all of them. I feel each has an important part to play in successful online communications.


Figuring out exactly what you’ll say and how to present yourself can be challenging, but it’s a critical first step. Great creative and user friendly websites only get big results when they serve a well thought out plan for engaging users.

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My definition of good design is all about how something makes the target audience feel. Do the visuals connect on an emotional level? Do visitors feel like this is a brand they can trust and care about? Does the way the interface works make the user feel smart and comfortable?

And finally, does everything together keep the user moving towards the desired actions? If so, I’ve done my job.

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I know where to find the right team, how to maximize efficiencies, and where not to cut corners — because details do matter.

I’m well versed in the core principles of team and project management to keep things moving. I have particular experience with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Plone. I also code templates for most major E-mail systems.

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