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The new year has brought fulfilling projects and exciting opportunities and we have a recent launch, present site transition and a panel SXSW to talk about. Read more ›

NTC & 2 new posts at Idealware

The Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco at the end of April was really great this year. The opening speaker Clay Shirkey (author, Here Comes Everybody) was fantastic and amazingly quotable. I liked that he was able to project both a 30,000 ft view of the social media landscape and drive home some very practical and common sense lessons that nonprofits can use right away.

While I was there I took the opportunity to interview fellow bloggers for the Idealware blog and am posting their thoughts on that site.

Here are the first two Get to know the Idealware Blogger interviews:
Part 1: Steve Backman
Part 2: Laura Quinn

Look for the next in the series coming soon. I had the best time getting to chat with these super smart people and look forward to continuing the converstations post NTC. Really it was, as always, all of the brilliant dedicated people that make the conference a yearly tradition and I am already looking forward to Atlanta next year.

Recent Launches & News

Its been a busy week and about to get busier. Right now I am getting ready to head to the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco and I am really looking forward to meeting some longtime and new online friends while I am there. I’ll be interviewing my fellow Idealware bloggers too and posting the results on the Idealware blog soon.

Also this week we launched the Bailout Watch Web site – a group project by six leading organizations in government transparency. If you have been wondering where all that TARP money went or need some help understanding the who, what and where of the bailout, check out the Bailout Watch site. Find out more in our portfolio.

And one more thing… NRDC asked us to translate their Eat Local campaign design to this cute little widget that’s all kinds of handy for eating local and eating well. Just pick your location and the time of year and you’ll see what’s available fresh in your neighborhood. This was another fun one and I learned a lot working with Sean Fremouw of Free Flow Data about iWidgets, which allows for the widget’s functionality and ability to be shared on all the popular social network sites and more.

Its really fantastic to get to work on projects where I learn more about the issue and that I know I will use them myself.

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