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Websites for Small Orgs – A Resource Round-Up

I’ll be talking to the Audubon Society this weekend about how local chapters can get on the web. I’m hoping to post the slide deck afterwards but in the mean time I wanted to share this list of resources here. It starts from a pretty basic approach but there’s good info in here for every level of web operation. It’s by no means all inclusive, just some links I have found helpful and hope someone else will too – and feel free to add your favorite “Getting Online” resources in the comments. Read more ›

Notes from SXSW

(originally posted on the Idealware Blog)

South by Southwest is everything they say it is and probably a whole lot more. This being my first year, I was dutifully overwhelmed with the sheer number of options for learning, inspiration and fun. I had planned to report back on the nonprofit oriented sessions I attended and their take-aways, but something else has struck me as even more important to highlight. Read more ›

From the Idealware Blog

Great Resources on Vendor Websites

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One of the great things about working in the nonprofit sector is the spirit of sharing and helping one another succeed that I continue to find among organizations and consultants for online technologies. Many resources on how to choose technology and how to use it wisely are available from great nonprofit and consulting companies. But the hungry mind wants more so, although it might be obvious, I wanted to share another great way to find metrics, best practices and how to guides – technology vendors resource sections.

Over the years I have found that many vendors of both nonprofit and for profit technology and services offer a wealth of high quality information on their sites that cover far more than just their own products. I see it as enlightened self-interest, since successful customers are happy customers and the basics apply no matter what platform you are using for your web site, fundraising or bulk email.

Here are just few that I have found worth checking in on regularly, but be sure to check for a resources section on your own vendor’s websites.

Email Vendors (Lyris)

Websites and Fundraising
and some older but still useful items at Kintera/Blackbaud

Network for Good has a whole site about fundraising:

But wait there’s more!
Don’t forget that most of the time resources for profit companies are equally useful in the nonprofit sector or can be with a little adaptation. Check out sites offering general best practices like Marketing Sherpa and Copyblogger. You can find good advice and information that applies equally to any type of communications strategy.

Please share your own favorite vendor or for profit resources in the comments and we can all learn a little more.

From the Idealware Blog

My Top 10 Super Handy Links

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Inspired by Eric Leland’s post Wonderful Tools for Web Developers, here are some of the links I use all the time and keep close to the top of my bookmarks. If you work on a web or communications team I think you will find them useful too. If you have a favorite free online tool you can’t live without, share it in the comments.

Need to know if you are the only one that can’t get to a web site?

Free tool to check out how your site looks on a variety of browsers and platforms (Full disclosure: I use now)

Really cool way to preview screen fonts and compare how they will look online

How do you figure out what that font is on a graphic someone found deep in the archives?

Check your writing against several readability scoring methods and get suggestions on making it more reader friendly.

Just a simple word count tool – nothing fancy, but handy

Lorem Ipsum Generator – when you need some greeking fast

Its always good to know if your code will pass HTML muster

And your if your fancy new styles are legit according to the CSS validator

One more for fun:
For all your twitter and social networking needs – nifty copy-paste symbols

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