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Sample Web Site Project Plan

Although every project is unique, I have found that sometimes its helpful to get a sense of the common steps involved in a visual way. I decided to post the generic project plan I share with my clients here in the hopes that it will help someone just diving into their Web site or redesign project get a handle on what to consider.

Download the Sample Project Plan PDF (385k) here.

Handy Email Testing Spreadsheet

Testing how your Email to supporters will look when sent from your bulk Email vendor is all important. As we try to keep up with the “improvements” that Microsoft keeps making and all the various ways Web Email services can render your HTML, I have found this Excel file is pretty useful of keeping track of it all. It contains a sheet for the main programs and items to test for and another to help keep track of all your email accounts and log ins. Hope this helps someone out.

Download the Excel spreadsheet (16k)

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