Websites for Small Orgs – A Resource Round-Up

I’ll be talking to the Audubon Society this weekend about how local chapters can get on the web. I’m hoping to post the slide deck afterwards but in the mean time I wanted to share this list of resources here. It starts from a pretty basic approach but there’s good info in here for every level of web operation. It’s by no means all inclusive, just some links I have found helpful and hope someone else will too – and feel free to add your favorite “Getting Online” resources in the comments.


Do you need a website?

–     Website or Facebook Page? Infographic:

–     Top 10 reasons to have a website:

General Resources – all kinds of useful stuff




–       Care 2’s Frogloop blog:

–       Google for Nonprofits:

General Process Overviews

–       Web Style Guide

–       NPower:

–       Network for Good:

–       Smashing Magazine:

–       Site Wizard:


–       Network for Good Learning Center:

Graphics & Design

Infographic – all about images for the web:

Easy Photo editing tutorial:

What Not to Do:   Web pages that suck:

sources for images
Flickr Creative Commons:
U.S. Gov’t images:
Wikimedia Commons:

Tools for image management
Photoshop Elements from Tech Soup:–G-45103–AdobeIndividualWin



.com themes:

host your own themes:

I have come to like the responsive themes these folks build:

For many CMS systems (a mixed bag, proceed with caution) -Theme Forest:

CMS & Services – links

Hosted Web builders:


Google Sites:

CMS options

Idealware Overview:


Pantheon (hosted service):

PicNet Soapbox (hosted service):


A decent how to:

Hosting Options


Lunar Pages:

Third Party (just a few I use)


Social Media

Facebook’s resources for nonprofits:

 Tech & Design Volunteer Help

Volunteer Match:


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