Sprout Builder shutting down (unless you have $3k)

The do-it-yourself widget maker so many nonprofits grew to know and love, Sprout Builder, announced today that they are shutting down all subscription service to concentrate on their enterprise ($3000 a year +) offerings. This is sad news for nonprofits using the service and if you are one of them you’ll want to read the Sprout FAQ right away. You’ll have a little lead time to find a solution though – until the end of March to be precise.

Just about a year ago the service went from free to fee and although there are probably more alternatives now, my post about what else is out there may come in handy again.

[Update: I posted  more on this topic at Idealware’s blog and am hoping that post becomes a place for sharing alternatives and what’s to do for those losing their Sprouts – please check it out and contribute your solutions and ideas]

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