From the Idealware Blog: A Year End List of Lists

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In the last week of the year you can count on at least  two things it seems: the ubiquitous  “last chance to give a tax deductible donation” emails from your favorite organizations and recap and top 10 lists from just about everyone online. A favorite way for bloggers to draw us in, lists can actually be very useful to pare down the vast amount of information out there into bite size chunks we can consume in one sitting.

And  it really has been an incredible year for insights and shared knowledge in our communty .  So compiling a list of lists that contain inspiration, good ideas, tips and resources for online nonprofits seemed like a fitting celebration of all the sharing and smart ideas that are out there. Below are a few (there are more than 10 ) that I’ll kick off with, but I know it’s just a start, so please leave more in the comments.

Nonprofit and Technology Lists from 2010

Some lists cull out their author’s favorite blogs…

Top 10 Nonprofit  Technology (NPTech) and Social Media for Social …

And books…

10 Nonprofit Books from 2010

And good examples of what is possible…

There are conference insights…

And tools for nonprofits

And what would year end be without some introspection and predictions?

And some fun & inspriation

The last link is from a site that is nothing but a list of lists – how meta.

Happy New Year!

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