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Home page of the Education Commission April 2017

This major multi-year project has been a milestone for my work. The ambition, scope and team were all enormous. The end results continue to successfully serve the International Commission on Financing Education  Opportunities’ work to bring about a #LearningGeneration.

In late 2015 Commission director Justin van Fleet asked me to lead design for their flagship report on funding global education. The report, presented at the United Nations in September  2016, highlights their research findings and recommendations.  Almost a year might seem like enough time, but the work was full  steam ahead the entire project, beginning with a rapid branding process  in early 2016.

Design work continued for their activities  and research communications, and for the report itself. I expanded the design team to provide the manpower needed by the main internal  teams in New York, DC and London. I was happy to be able to engage William Hastings for brand development and print design, and then Tim Beltran to create original illustrations. I also guided the design and social media contractors in New York City.

The main website went through several distinct iterations  as the organization rapidly evolved. Multi-track workflows kept things connected and on track.  We developed a unique library of modular brand assets to adapt to the needs of the day. Over the spring and summer of 2016, we supported a range of diverse outreach strategies. These included webinars, a Youth Video Contest, and Global Consultations around the world.

For the official launch of the research report, I developed a report website to summarize the Commission’s innovative  ideas on financing education. The site features a narrative walk-through with animated  illustrations of the concepts & data discussed. Parallax scrolling triggers contextual animations, so to get the experience please visit the site.

Data visualization played a key role in communicating and clarifying the Commissions  findings. Developing original charts and graphs was definitely my favorite task in this project. You can find our work throughout the 180 page full report. Read it to learn more about the reforms and investments crucial for ensuring  access to quality education.

Fast forward to April of 2017 and the organization site is again  refreshed and refocused. Adjusted architecture showcases the growing media attention and exciting next steps. The site now makes the case to international donors, multilateral financial institutions and Pioneer Countries for why they should take up the Commission’s recommendations and invest in education now.

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Report site on various screens

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