TELE (2016)

Web Design
TELE home page

TELE (Tools for Engaging Landowners Effectively) is a site near and dear to my heart.

The Sustaining Family Forests Initiative returned for a new website that was more in sync with their current focus to help forestry officials understand and engage woodland owners. Partnering again with Center for Nonprofit Strategies and the great team from Yale we revamped the original highly interactive site I designed years ago to showcase their even more successful in person workshops.

Design considerations included a clear modern responsive design that directed their various audiences ( professionally curious, workshop alums and potential workshop takers) quickly and easily to the content of most interest. The site features a super clean interface to find valuable reports on landowner types, cases studies full of best practices and a whole library of additional resources.

It was very gratifying to have a client return and trust me to work with them on the next stage of their development. Trusted development partner Dagwood Reeves created the Drupal site that will take them into the future.

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