Great Oakland Public Schools

Branding | Strategy

As a brand new organization Great Oakland Public Schools (and Information Center) needed guidance to develop a strong community based identity to forge their diverse network of supporters (school administrators, employees and teachers, parents, community organizations and the school district) into a single voice for quality education in Oakland. The brand and the sites needed to be bright and inviting to welcome all participants and create a safe, friendly space to talk about difficult issues. The vibrancy and energy of the organization had to be readily apparent to curious community members looking to get involved with real change. And finally the two parts of the effort needed to seamlessly mesh while remaining obviously distinct.

In this case, I provided a wide variety of options to choose from, which along with interviews and design tools helped the organization define themeselves authentically. It was also important to show a sense of place and create a versatile mark for their many activities. Take a look at the photos on their Facebook page to see GO (and their logo) in action.


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