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Campion Advocacy Fund home page

I am very proud to have designed and built the online home of the Campion Advocacy Fund, the Campion Foundation, and their unique approach to changing the world. Their approach is nothing short of groundbreaking. Because their Foundation is funded by their Advocacy arm they are more flexible than many traditional organizations, but this posed some interesting challenges in developing a site architecture. The successful solution would need to both clearly differentiate the two distinct entities while demonstrating the Campions’ holistic approach to effecting positive changes.

The site connects their efforts in three key areas – wilderness protection, ending homelessness and building capacity for nonprofits through both organizations. Their work, like their website, is definitely one of a kind.

It was a delight to work with their extensive visual assets since funding photographers is part of their wilderness work and their team brought skills and marketing savvy to the table. Resource Media  assisted with the effort and content creation.

Big bold images were a natural fit for this passionate and savvy organization, and I think this website is one of the most successful reflections of the core nature of an organizations I have ever done. Plus it is just really pretty – take a look and enjoy learning more about this powerhouse of innovation.

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