New update on Sproutbuilder: free accounts & more projects

Yet another update to the Sproutbuilder flash widget builder going to a fee for service model. Today Sprout Inc. announced a new more generous policy including a limited (3 projects, only online support and possible ads) Free account option as well as more generous allotments in their other pricing plans.

When Sprout first announced their plans to make the beta service a full fledged paid product with no free plans many were concerned and some upset. Their users spoke up and it looks like Sprout Inc. listened. What they have arrived at seems like a reasonable pricing system, including 50% discounts for nonprofits on paid plans – which translates to 15 projects (sprout widgets) for $10/mo at the low end. They might have saved themselves some trouble if they had just started out here in the first place, but I’m just glad this is where things are ending up.

One comment on “New update on Sproutbuilder: free accounts & more projects
  1. Joey Mucha says:

    We are glad you are happy with our updated pricing model.

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