More Updates

The new year has brought fulfilling projects and exciting opportunities and we have a recent launch, present site transition and a panel SXSW to talk about.

Advocacy Progress Planner launched
I had the opportunity to  re-architect and re-design the Advocacy Progress Planner for the Aspen Advocacy Planning and  Evaluation Program. After a few years of successful use and growing popularity this step by step planning tool needed to expand its abilities. I created the original design for the tool and were thrilled to have the opportunity to assist with its evolution into not only a means to create real actionable plans but to collaborate effectively in the process. The code wizardry behind the friendly interface is again the great work of  Dagwood Reeves. I’ll be writing up a case study for the site soon but for now you can try it out yourself at: . The team at APEP couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and I’ll be helping them update and  re-align their branding over the next few months as well.

This site finally gets a little love
I am not a fan of the old stand-by “the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes” that web developers trot out when their own site is in disarray, but I have to admit  it happened to me after my site was hacked in the fall. I have finally made some improvements to the theme, cleaned up some of the code I threw together in an hurry and am actively adding to the portfolio to get it back where it was. Plus more changes and additions to come, so check back soon.

SXSW is the conference of the year
This year I”ve been asked to speak on a panel at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin March 12th. Sadly this means I had to cancel my plans to attend the always enjoyable Nonprofit Technology Conference in DC the following week. Just too much time to be traveling which is a real shame. Although I know I will miss the people and inspiration at NTC, I’m really psyched about the panel (Money for Nothing and Your Software for Free) since finding low cost but sustainable solutions is something I’m rather passionate about. And anyone that read my blog last year knows of the education that Sprout Builder provided on this topic. Also, I am very excited about the new people, ideas and inspiration that will come from changing up my routine. If you’re going to SXSW and want to meet up – let me know!

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