Interactive Infographic Fun

I’ve been thinking about data visualization and infographics for a while now. I’ve loved them since before it was cool I think. I’ll be writing more about some ways to create them for nonprofits soon, but for now I just want to highlight one fun example.

One of the site in this 12 Creative Design Elements Inspiring the Next Generation of UX post from  SEOmoz caught my eye. The entire post is full of inspiration and eye-candy for designers but the Maersk interactive infographic hooked me and as I kept playing with it I started thinking about why.

The answer was simple: because its fun! Just really fun to be surprised by the results when you compare their ships to landmarks and whales.

And although I’m not really clear on how this benefits their sales or business goals, I’m glad it’s there. It tells a very simple story (our boats are really big) intuitively and with impact. I’ll keep this in mind for future brainstorms for clients. The subject matter here isn’t in itself super interesting (think of the yawns a table full of measurements would bring) No, the fun part lies in the clever interface & interaction.


Here’s a bonus example of fun that my social network pals have been playing with – Draw a Stickman. Try it, and think how engaging such a bare bones technique could be paired with real world issues & actions.

Like I mentioned, I’ll be writing more on this soon.

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