Websites for Small Orgs – A Resource Round-Up

I’ll be talking to the Audubon Society this weekend about how local chapters can get on the web. I’m hoping to post the slide deck afterwards but in the mean time I wanted to share this list of resources here. It starts from a pretty basic approach but there’s good info in here for every level of web operation. It’s by no means all inclusive, just some links I have found helpful and hope someone else will too – and feel free to add your favorite “Getting Online” resources in the comments. Read more ›

3 Infographics Full Of Good Info About Nonprofits

Today is apparently infographic day since my inbox led to two great data rich visuals. Here are a set of infographics that provide a glimpse into research that looked at nonprofits as a group. I’m on the look out for the best nonprofit mission and program visuals from nonprofits and hope to post a follow up on those – please leave any that you love in the comments.

1. Digital Teams: Just out today is this one from Jason Mogus’s company Communicopia. They did some timely original research to understand how non-profit leaders manage digital & online initiatives in their organizations. The topline summary is laid out in this bright infographic.
Communicopia Digital Teams research infographic

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Interactive Infographic Fun

I’ve been thinking about data visualization and infographics for a while now. I’ve loved them since before it was cool I think. I’ll be writing more about some ways to create them for nonprofits soon, but for now I just want to highlight one fun example.

One of the site in this 12 Creative Design Elements Inspiring the Next Generation of UX post from  SEOmoz caught my eye. The entire post is full of inspiration and eye-candy for designers but the Maersk interactive infographic hooked me and as I kept playing with it I started thinking about why. Read more ›

Take Aways from Design for Mobile Seminar

So I’m back and as promised, here’s what I have to report.

I definitely went to the big city, both literally and figuratively. San Francisco and the Nielsen Norman Group seminar respectively – both a bit like Oz. They were exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure.

While I was already a bit intimidated by the vast sea of things to learn about designing for mobile/tablet sites and apps, I found things are even more complicated than I knew. So much for a quick one day learning experience. As usual, I have been sucked into researching and reading everything I can get my hands on about this new (to me) area of design. Read more ›

Into the Future

smart phone: FEMA image, public domainI have a confession to make. I am sort of a Luddite when it comes to cell phones, smart phones, and hand-helds of all kinds. The virtual office doesn’t have cell signal, so I’ve fallen behind on this branch of technology. I know basic design principals hold true and how to make a site mobile-friendly, but feel I should know more.

So what’s different about designing for these little screens? That’s what I’ll be finding out next week in a full-day training on Visual Design for Mobile Devices and Tablets during the Nielsen Norman Group Usability Week in San Francisco. I’ll report back.

Notes from SXSW

(originally posted on the Idealware Blog)

South by Southwest is everything they say it is and probably a whole lot more. This being my first year, I was dutifully overwhelmed with the sheer number of options for learning, inspiration and fun. I had planned to report back on the nonprofit oriented sessions I attended and their take-aways, but something else has struck me as even more important to highlight. Read more ›

More Updates

The new year has brought fulfilling projects and exciting opportunities and we have a recent launch, present site transition and a panel SXSW to talk about. Read more ›

From the Idealware Blog: A Year End List of Lists

(originally posted at

In the last week of the year you can count on at least  two things it seems: the ubiquitous  “last chance to give a tax deductible donation” emails from your favorite organizations and recap and top 10 lists from just about everyone online. A favorite way for bloggers to draw us in, lists can actually be very useful to pare down the vast amount of information out there into bite size chunks we can consume in one sitting. Read more ›

Idealware publishes updated Open Source CMS report

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of Idealware, the nonprofit that does research and publishes information on technology for other nonprofits.

So it comes as no surprise that I have been delighted to co-author the  2010 Comparing Open Source Content Management Systems: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Plone report. It includes unbiased detailed reviews with a feature summary,  as well as a directory of consultants. Read more ›

Updates to Portfolio

It’s been a busy busy fall here and I’m are still catching up with updating this site. In the meantime I’ve added a couple recent projects to the portfolio and have more almost ready.

One neat little project that isn’t listed yet are the ads Shayna Englin engaged us to create for the Global Day of Jewish Learning. Pairing their Big Questions with popular celebrities in tiny ad spaces proved challenging and fun. You can see a couple of the ads that are now in circulation below. Read more ›

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