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what I do

I provide a wide range of online communication services to progressive nonprofits and socially responsible companies. The company is officially just me, and I can do a lot. But a typical project involves members of my trusted partner network for tech and niche expertise. Working together we meet all our clients’ creative, communications, marketing, and technology needs. Having fun while doing great work is important to me. I want my clients to love the process just as much as the project outcome.

I like to have a diverse set of projects going at any one time to keep me sharp on all fronts. By doing this I have met many super smart people, found out what works – both in design and in technology – and know that I never want to stop learning to do it better.

Because it’s one thing to have a great design idea, and something else entirely to create a living breathing brand, campaign or website that actually furthers your mission.

Here are the various pieces I feel are important for making things happen –  in a happy way.

what else I’ve done

Besides client projects, I have also shared my knowledge through writing and speaking engagements.

I’ve contributed articles, reports and blog posts to Idealware.org, of which I am a huge fan. As a tech agnostic, I evaluated the systems and co-authored their 2010 Comparing Open Source Content Management Systems report. I also write for clients and for fun (and sometimes even mix the two, thanks NaNoWriMo!).

Some of my favorite speaking engagements:

National Audubon Society Annual Conference 2013: Tools for Chapters that Want Great Websites (On a Budget)  followed by a step-by-step quick and dirty site set up on WordPress.com.

SXSW 2011 Panel: Money for Nothing & Your Software for Free

NTC 2010Panel : Making it Real: Getting Project Management Right for Content Management Web Projects

I’ve also done numerous presentations for small and large nonprofits on Email and Newsletter best practices.

Although I have turned off my blog for now, I am still very interested in speaking and writing about design, nonprofit technology and all things related. Stay tuned for more.

* One thing I DIDN’T do, which you may find if you Google my name, is a poster for Haiti. The links there are a database mix up and not my work.

about hgm:
progressive do gooder

heather gardner-madras
I have 15 years of experience in design, online tech and nonprofits and passion for the work my clients do. I began consulting because I wanted to share lessons learned the hard way and exciting new ideas with great causes.

My expertise began during my years at Carol/Trevelyan Strategy Group (CTSG), which became a division of Kintera, Inc., now part of Blackbaud. Further back, a BFA in photography and art history from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) informs my design work. Ongoing experience in the sector provides a unique understanding of the nonprofit perspective. And a love of learning keeps me up on the latest technologies and design best practices.

I work with clients in all time zones from a virtual office in the lovely wooded hills of Oregon. When I'm not online you can find me doing some experimental cookery, hanging out with my wonderful husband Jim and doting on our cats.